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Accurate Drone Work.

Servicing Central Coast, Newcastle , Hunter and Mid North Coast.

Looking for detailed and professional drone pilots?

Drone Check is an innovative and forward thinking drone services provider in the Wider Newcastle region. We use the best drones possible to capture your project in the best light possible, and we will always price our work in such a way that it costs you less to use us, then doing it yourself. We carry full public liability insurance specific to aerial photography & drone work. If fact, insurance companies use our drone services for their inspections & reports!

Drone Check offers a diverse range of drone inspection services, including general photography & video services in Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Central Coast, Singleton, Muswellbrook and the Upper Hunter region, including mines. We can fulfill just about any job request you have, including the following:

Roof Insurance Claim Inspections & Reports

Building & Asset Inspections

Drone Leak Detection Services

Boat or Marine Business Sales Photo’s 

Real Estate Photography

Gutter Inspection Services

Thermal Imaging Inspections

Solar Panel Inspections

Search & Rescue for People & Pets

Youtube & Instagram Drone Video Business Services

Golf Course Photography & Video

Hothouse inspections

Waterway pollution inspections, and routine preventative drone scans

Commercial video for websites and advertising.

Freelance News Media Drone Services (TV and Newspaper)

Jet Ski, Boating, Surfing, Motorbikes and any type of Racing

Going fishing? We can help you find the schools of fish from above, then film you catching the them!

Special Events and Markets

Surveillance – Job Sites, Employees, Doll Beneficiaries, Events and more.

Assist Building Inspectors with Multi Level Buildings (External Only)

Commercial Property Progress Photo’s

Air bnb photo’s to help rent your property

What is the waiting time?

Generally one of our pilots can get to your job within 24hrs within our operating area. If you are outside our normal area, there will be a small travel charge to cover drive time.

How much does a drone inspection cost?

Starting at $150 for a basic photo shoot, and it goes up from there based on the job. Our prices are always fair.

How long do drone inspections take?

The time will vary based on the job. A roof inspection can take 40mins, whilst a search and rescue mission and take 2hrs. There is generally reporting time ontop of this.

Do you do insurance work?

Absolutely. Some of Australia’s largest insurers use our service. We take the images and get them off to your insurance company within 24hrs. You would need to pay for our service and reclaim that from the insurer, but you need to confirm this with the insurer prior to engaging us.

How good is the camera on your drones?

The best. We use a 20MP camera which offers you amazing images that you can edit how you wish, without losing image quality.

Do you train drone pilots?

Not officially, but we are happy to train new drone owners of DJI products on the basics. We will get you up and flying, teach you the features of the controller, and give you a few insider tricks to better drone flying (Like emergency procedures if your return to home fails, or you get into a fly-away situation).

You need to bring your own drone, and we will meet in an area where it is legal for you to fly. This type of training will speed up your RPL training… you are best to go to the training school knowing how to fly.

Call for training cost.

Do you do building inspections?

We do the roof inspection portion of the building inspection for the inspector. Some roofs are slippery, to high pitch or simply uninviting for the inspector to get up there. In this situation, we provide the inspector with the images and observation comments for the report. This type of inspection also relieves the inspector of alot of health & safety hazard issues.

Can you video sporting events?

Yes we can. If you have a local event, school event or commercial event, we can video any of these for you in either 720p, 1080p HD and 4K… depending on what it’s for.

Surfing, jet skiing, fishing, motorcross, soccer… any event is possible. We can even live stream to Facebook if required!

Some events may not be possible if flying over people is required.

Do you offer Contradeals for your drone work?

Yes we can look at your offer.

We would mainly be open to contradeals with hotels and food establishments. If you have a service that you think could help our business and would like to swap services, give us a call!